Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Say It With Flowers

I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. Ours was quiet, which was just what we needed after a few hectic weeks. Amongst other things that I enjoyed were these beautiful flowers. In previous years, I have had time to do some pretty table arrangements, but this year, I just put them in a vase.

Once again, the only snow to be seen was on our Christmas cake, but that will no doubt change as we head into the New Year. For now, we are still enjoying the cake and trying to stay warm on what has proved to be a bitterly cold day. The temperature this morning was -17 C and the wind chill made it feel like -24 C. Now that is cold!


Rosie said...

Beautiful flowers! Your cake looks very tasty. Thanks for the mention of 'Christmas at Thrush Green' - I popped to the library just on the off chance on Christmas Eve and there it was - I'd finished it by Sunday and really enjoyed it - so restful and amusing for over Christmas:) Glad you enjoyed it:)

Janean said...

Marie, the cake is darling and flowers area beautiful!!!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to come!

Isobel said...

Hi Marie,
Thank you for your wishes of getting well. I am feeling a bit better, but now little one is poorly too.
Wish you a fantastic New Year!!

Tracy said...

Hi, Marie! Happy New Year! We're just back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, good to be home and back in blogland. Very much enjoying checking in with your holiday postings. Your flowers and cake are so festive! Look forward to catching up with you more soon. Wishing you & yours all the very best of love, peace & joy in 2010! :o) ((HUGS))