Friday, 11 December 2009

Light In The Darkness

One thing that I love about living in my neighbourhood is that the houses are so beautifully decorated for Christmas. I did post a photo of the house across the street recently, but I felt that it didn't really do it justice.

I had an opportunity to take these photographs, including one of another house along the street.

On these dark winter evenings, a beautifully decorated house is such a welcoming sight. I know that winter does not officially arrive for another ten days, but the wind chill today is -21 C and we have had snow flurries during the past two days.

Enjoy your weekend!


Pomona said...

And I thought it was cold here (7 degrees C)! A lovely picture of the lights, too.

Pomona x

Tracy said...

Sooo lovely... I just love seeing all the lights and decorations around now! Happy Day, Marie :o) ((HUGS))