Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

After the traumas of last week when the tree came crashing down, we finally got it back in an upright position and I was able to start decorating on Sunday.

Considering the problems we had and the number of times that this tree was handled, I don't think that it looks too bad.

To get into the Christmas spirit, we went to Carols In The Park last night. The weather was wet, so I didn't take the camera. We arrived to find a steaming cauldron of cranberry punch on a huge bonfire, which was a welcome sight, as I had been cold all day. I managed to come away smelling of woodsmoke after getting too close to the fire!

Considering the dismal weather, the turnout was not bad and we spent a festive hour singing a mixture of traditional Christmas carols and popular songs, accompanied by the Salvation Army Band. Towards the end of the event, the rain finally stopped and there were lots of cheery Merry Christmases echoing in the night air as we made our way home.


Tracy said...

Hooray...the tree is up and standing... and still standing! ;o) Your tree and decorating are beautiful, Marie. And what fun you had at the weekend... Very festive and cozy. Thank you for some Christmas cheer today :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Isobel said...

Your tree looks really lovely, Marie!

ginny said...

i am just happy you have your tree up and standing... we have real frost here today and it is -4... i am hoping for snow..
happy wednesday

Heidi said...

Oh it was worth the wait as your tree looks beautiful. It gives a festive glow. The event in the park sounds like a perfect way to get some Christmas spirit.

Hugs ~