Monday, 7 December 2009

It Isn't Quite Like Christmas In Connecticut

Last night I enjoyed one of my favourite Christmas movies, Christmas In Connecticut. This is such a delightful story starring Barbara Stanwyck as Elizabeth Lane, a features writer for Smart Housekeeping Magazine. She writes about homemaking and lands herself in hot water after she bases her articles on her fictitious life on a farm in Connecticut.

We all aspire to the perfect Christmas and I know that I always hope to recreate some of the wonderful ideas that I read about in those glossy magazines.

Now picture the scene ~ we bought our Christmas tree on Friday and I strung the lights on Saturday evening after work. I hadn't got round to digging out the ornaments, so it was still awaiting decorating. I got up this morning and it was leaning ~ we adjusted the tree base, but later on, I came back from some errands to find that it was leaning again. Not to worry, I could adjust it again later when help was available.

I was sitting studying this afternoon when there was a sudden crash and all that was missing was the lumberjack shouting 'Timber!' Yes, the tree came crashing down amidst a flurry of needles and a large pool of water (I watered it this morning!) After trying two different tree bases, the tree has taken up a horizontal position on the living room floor until we can get a better base tomorrow.

I'm left wondering why my Christmas isn't like Christmas In Connecticut...


Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh no!!! At least you hadn't got the decorations on yet, thankfully.
What a pain!

Tracy said...

OMG! Your tree feel down??! Where are Santa's little elf helpers when you need them?! LOL! Do hope you can get the tree up...and staying up so you can decorate it and enjoy it in time for Christmas, Marie. I'm sure you're not sure whether to laugh or cry or both just now... ;o) Let us know how it goes... ((HUGS))

Heidi said...

Oh no! You must have been so shocked when the tree fell over. It is a beautiful tree. I think it is a Godsend that you did not put any of your ornaments on it yet. I hope you can find a stand that will be sturdy so you can enjoy your tree again. And by the way, those perfect Christmases do not exist. :-)

Hugs ~