Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Bauble Trees

There has been an outbreak of baubles in our neighbourhood and it seems that at almost every turn, there are bauble trees!

I must admit that I am amazed that these remain unscathed throughout the Christmas season, although I did notice a couple that had found their way onto other trees across the road.

They are such a cheering sight on these cold, dull winter days. On the day I took these photos, the sun did put in a brief appearance, but most days have been overcast and bitterly cold. The wind chill was -18 C when I went out this morning!


Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Marie!

I love the tree baubles!:o) We have experienced a few chilly mornings here in southern California, so I can imagine just how cold it must be in your part of the world.:o) Stay warm and enjoy a Merry Christmas my friend.



Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh these are just lovely, what a wonderful idea.
Hope you are having a lovely Christmas Eve Eve!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Dear Marie,

Getting the snow effect on my was quite simple.:o) There is a link on the right hand column of my blog on the very bottom. Click on it and get your snow flurries.:o) Enjoy!


mangocheeks said...

I love the bauble trees. Two years ago I celebrated Christmas with my in-laws in Essex, England, may of the houses with large trees had their trees decorated this way. I loved it, but I haven't come across this in Scotland yet, where I live - maybe next year the trend will kick off.

Many Happy New Years to you.