Monday, 30 November 2009

Thank Goodness For Flannel Pyjamas!

On these cold, dark evenings, I like to get snuggled in at home and enjoy a bit of comfort and warmth. There is nothing quite like the touch of flannel on your skin when the thermometer starts to dip and I found this great pair of pyjamas to lounge in last year. Featuring Snoopy in his hat and scarf and a scattering of snow, they are quite seasonal.

In keeping with this month's gratitude theme, hosted by Ginny, I would like to add, thank goodness for flannel pyjamas!


Tracy said...

I couldn't agree more... It's been so cold here, I couldn't make it with out my flannel--LOL! Happy Week, Marie! It's been great to visit you here every day throughout November--thanks for the fun! :o9 ((HUGS))

Isobel said...

Hi Marie!
I love your pj's! I adore flannel pj's too. They are soooo good on a cold winter evening. :)

VintagePretty said...

Oh amen! I second your love of flannel pajamas. After my bath I'm about to don a pair myself. Mine are dark blue with white spots, but very cosy indeed. We've got the thick feather duvet and a quilt on the bed, though we're seldom very cold in this house.

ginny said...

oh yes indeed!
and may i add to that bed socks!
thank you for joining in Marie,
warmest wishes
ginny x

Rosie said...

Oh, they look so cosy and comfy. Just right for today's weather - it has been very frosty and cold.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Marie,

Those PJ's are great! Who doesn't love Snoopy and what a wonderful way to keep warm. Here in southern California we do not get nearly as cold as many of you, but I tell ya we indeed do have some very chilly moments.:o) Enjoy a lovely week my friend.



driftwood said...

oooh flannel pj's are the best xoxox

Heidi said...

I love flannel too!

Hugs ~