Thursday, 12 November 2009


My dear friend Tracy at Pink Purl recently sent me a surprise parcel of delights. When I opened it, I discovered the most beautiful selection of fabrics and ribbons.

I had mentioned that I had purchased some fabric on eBay and I was thinking of starting a little fabric stash, to enable some spontaneous creativity when the mood takes me (or more likely, when I can find the time!)

So Tracy very kindly sent me some fat quarters from her own collection.

I was quite overwhelmed by the generosity of this gift and also by the bond of friendship that has formed through our blogs and personal email correspondence. Little did I realize that starting a blog could lead to contacting such wonderful people over vast distances. The gift of friendship is the greatest gift I could wish for.


Tracy said...

Oh, Marie... tears in my eyes--this is the lovely post! :o) I am glad the fabrics brightened your day and hope will inspire idea...when you have that time. ;o) Most of all I appreciate your beautiful sentiments on friendship. Friendship is one of life's sweetest gifts. And friends can be family too. So we are like sister-friends now, I think. How blessed I am with your gift of friendship. The world of blogging is a great way to meet kindred spirits. Happy Day, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

Heidi said...

What a sweet thing for Tracy to do but then she is a sweet lady. You now have a start to your collection. Have fun building it up.

Hugs ~