Sunday, 6 September 2009


I love looking at cloud formations. It is so therapeutic to spend time just staring at the sky in all its majesty and let my mind wander.

Sometimes I imagine pictures in the clouds or they remind me of snow-topped mountains.

On days when they are back-lit by the sun, they look like a stairway to heaven.


Isobel said...

Beautiful pictures, Marie. I sometimes do the same.I love to just look at the clouds and wonder what they are forming. Now is a bit more rare to do that, but when I have time, it can be really relaxing.

Tracy said...

Very much like stairs, yes...a very poetic view! Such moody skies here...Lovely, Marie! Oh, you would love checking out The Cloud Appreciation Society's site: I love visiting there each week so see skies from different places. Hope you had a good weekend, my friend. Sorry so slow to write these days...incredibly busy just now--LOL! Speak soon... ((HUGS))

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Marie!

So wonderful to hear from you!:o) Beautiful post my friend and such lovely photos. Puffy marshmallow clouds are indeed something special.:o) Stairway to Heaven, what a beauty thought. You and your husband enjoy a lovely week.:o) Chat with you soon!



louise said...

I think clouds are fascinating and often look to see if I can decipher shapes in them, always being on the lookout for a heart! After a dull spell of weather, summer has returned here in the UK so there is very little cloud in the sky today. The other evening I enjoyed watching the clouds, in high winds, whizzing past the moon. x