Thursday, 3 September 2009

30,000 Islands

We went up north for a couple of days and returned home yesterday afternoon. On Sunday, we took a trip from Parry Sound aboard the Island Queen and explored Georgian Bay's 30,000 Islands.
The cruise took us around some of the most beautiful parts of Georgian Bay where we were able to experience some of the natural wilderness and seclusion of the region. Many of the islands are so remote that they are virtually untouched by man and it is possible to appreciate their rugged beauty, as the boat navigates through narrow channels and close to the shoreline.

The islands are part of the Canadian Shield, also known as precambrian shield : the shoreline is formed from granite and the area is designated by the United Nations as a World Biosphere Reserve.

The sharp-eyed amongst you may notice that the passengers were wearing jackets ~ it was a very cold day for August and in order to be able to spend time on deck, it was necessary to be warmly dressed. Who would expect to need a hat and gloves in August?!?

Some of the islands are inhabited and are used as holiday homes. The accommodation varies from modest cottages to million-dollar mansions. Access to these homes is by water.

The cruise included many of the outer islands before the open waters of Georgian Bay.

The weather did improve towards the end of our three-hour cruise and there were some breaks in the cloud cover and the sun appeared.

I must admit that I went into the cabin for a while after I had been on deck for about 90 minutes ~ my back was aching from prolonged standing and I needed to thaw out!

This photo was taken towards the end of the trip, but I was still warmly dressed ~ there was a definite chill in the air, even towards the stern of the boat, which was out of the wind.

Some cottagers arrive by plane. Float planes are a common sight in this area.

This cottage took my fancy ~ much more elaborate than its more modest neighbours, but I liked the idea of those big windows that take advantage of the views.

It was a memorable trip and I have the feeling that we may visit the area again in the future ~ there is talk of possibly sailing in this area on our next visit....

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Tracy said...

What beautiful views! So glad you had a lovely getaway...even if it was chilly...Those skies and that water do look steely! Sailing round would be wonderful...Such variety in the landscape. I reminds me somewhat of fjord regions here in Norway. Just so beautiful! Hope the trip gave you both time to unwind and recharge the batteries...And dream of the next trip. :o) Welcome back, my friend...and Happy Weekend! Speak soon..((BIG HUGS))