Thursday, 20 August 2009

Summer Storms

This has certainly been a summer for storms. July was one storm after another and I seemed to be out in most of them. Thankfully, I was safely tucked up indoors when this evening's storm hit.

We have had a day of hot and very humid weather, so the inevitable storm rolled in at around 7 p.m. The sky had looked threatening for a couple of hours before the rain started.

The photographs don't really do it justice ~ the wind was bending the tree branches and as you can see, it was so dark that the street lights came on. I tried to get some photos of the lightning, but the camera just wasn't fast enough.

The thunder has rumbled off into the distance now and all is calm.
P.S. We got off lightly ~ I heard late last night that southern Ontario was hit by numerous tornadoes, including one in Vaughan, which is just north of the city ~ many homes badly damaged.


Tracy said...

These are fantastic photos, Marie! I love their almost abstract quality! It has been an odd summer in some ways, hasn't it? Last night we had a terrible storm whip through--such fierce rain and wind! Felt more like fall than summer...Hope the sun will return again to smile on your weekend, my friend! Thank you for your note... I'll write very soon! :o)((HUGS))

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh goodness glad you are safe.
Such amazing photos though.
Hope you get a bit of summer sun this weekend.
Thank you so much for your message too about James being on the BBC, it is all very exciting!
Have a lovely weekend

Isobel said...

Summer storms can be both scary and amazing at the same time. I used to watch to the summer storms with my dad when I was little back in my homeland. Glad I had my old man with me when the lightening and thunder were too much. :)

Mia said...

Oh dear... I do dislike summer storms with thunder and lightning. And unfortunately we too have had our fare share of them this summer. In fact this summer has been quite lousy weather wise here. NAd actually I am quite looking forward to autumn (which I do not normally do, as I am a spring/summer person).

Ragged Roses said...

Wonderful photos Marie, so dramatic. I'm guessing though that it must have been very scary. Hope the weather has calmed down for you now and you're enjoying some sunshine