Friday, 24 July 2009

Puffin Away!

I can hardly believe that a year has passed since I started this cross-stitch project. How time flies! As you can see, I have been working my way up to the hole, which is visible between the two puffins. I spent the week after taking my exams stitching away to keep my mind from worrying about the results. I don't think that I could have got through that week without it.

I have basted a spare piece of fabric behind the hole and trimmed the ragged edges, but now that I am working in this area, I almost afraid to touch it because the fabric is so friable. I can't imagine how anyone does fabric restoration for a living!


Sal said...

It's really lovely!
Have a great weekend! ;-)

Heidi said...

You'll be fine with it and it is going to look great! I can hardly see the hole as it is and once the stitching is there, it will really cover it. Don't you just love puffins!?! It is wonderful that you have your stitching to relax with when you can.

Hugs ~

Tracy said...

The stitchery is looking wonderful, Marie! And I think you mended that hole very well... I think this is going to turn our terrific...can't wait to see the finish. LOVE those sweet puffins! Hope you find more time to stitch and relax in between all the busy you have going on. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))