Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Midwife's Story

A Midwife's Story is a fascinating read about Penny Armstrong's journey from the tenements of Glasgow to rural practice in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

From an early age, Penny had dreamed of being a midwife. Her life unfolds in a way that she had not anticipated when she goes to Lancaster County for a job interview and finds herself working with Amish families and learning about their culture. At first she is hesitant and worries about being accepted by the community, but as her story unfolds, she discovers new strengths and becomes an integral part of that community.

This is a community where pregnancy is not discussed and labour and birth are considered normal events ~ women continue their daily work until they 'hop up on the bed' just before their baby arrives.

A Midwife's Story is a window on a world that those of us in this technological age may find hard to understand: it is an honest and ultimately very moving account and I would encourage you to read it.


carolyn said...
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Tracy said...

This sounds like a very interesting read... And set in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania...a stone's throw from where I'm from! :o) Happy weekend, Marie ((HUGS))