Monday, 18 May 2009

Protect Your Work

I had not planned a posting for today, but a blog comment piqued my curiosity and in an effort to discover how this person had found me; I logged into SiteMeter. I didn't find the person I was looking for, but I did find a link to Google Images.

Imagine my surprise to discover that my blog banner image is out there on the internet for anyone to use without my permission. I don't know why I am surprised really because it is not the first time that I have found that my work has been widely distributed over the internet and used without my permission ~ this still leaves me feeling violated though, especially as on the previous occasion; my work was stolen and credited to other authors. I may be a little niave, but having requested that my images are not used without my permission, I would like to think that this would be respected.

The message for today is to protect your work and watermark your photographs. I've replaced the image this morning ~ interestingly, it was one of the few photographs that appeared on my blog without watermarks. I'm seriously thinking about restricting the viewing of my blog to members only.


Rose Charles said...


I have never thought of watermarking my photos...
Recently another blog I read warned us to be careful of putting photos of our kids online.

Isn't it such a shame that there are people out there who ruin things for other people.

Rose XXX

Tracy said...

Thank you for this important message, think our banners could be nicked too...I hadn't thought of that somehow...Must see to this when we get back from our trip. :o) ((HUGS))

P.K said...

something to think about, thanks for the warning

Isobel said...

That is a great advise Marie. It is terrible what happened to you. :( Hope it doesn't happen again.
Take care. x

Rosie said...

Yes, I've noticed a couple of times on my 'feejit' widget that people are arriving from google images and when I look the whole page of my blog is there with the photo - I do have my picassa gallery on member only but it is obviously not enough. This is quite worrying - thanks for pointing it out - I must think about the watermarking you mention:)

Heidi said...

What is a watermark on a photo? I have no idea how to go about things on the computer. I am amazed how many bloggers (even those with a huge following) use internet and magazine photos for their blog. I like to see real photos of a person and their home or garden.

Hugs ~