Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Mercury Is Rising

It happens almost every year, but the arrival of the hot weather still takes me by surprise. Yesterday, the mercury reached 28 C and today it is heading up to 30 degrees. It is hard to believe that mere days ago we were freezing and had wind and rain!

Today would be the perfect day to escape to the lakefront, where it is generally cooler, but I had to make do with a dip in the local pool. The photo shown here was taken at the end of May last year.


Anonymous said...

how wonderful for the sun to be shining!

I was it was here... lol

Rose XXX

Heidi said...

*grins* I just answered one of my questions by reading your following blog entry. The snow of last season is becoming a memory.

Hugs ~

louise said...

Just the same here. On Tuesday it was cold, very wet and windy. Today it is dry, very hot and humid. x