Monday, 13 April 2009

In Search of Colour

The weather this Easter weekend has continued cold and at times, blustery. This morning, we had planned to take a walk along the boardwalk at the beach, but decided against it after a few minutes spent outdoors. Instead, we headed to the indoor botanical garden at Allan Gardens.

The Victorian conservatory known as the Palm House was built in 1909. It contains tropical plant specimens from around the globe, many of which are now rare.

The temperature indoors was considerably warmer than outside. The plants thrive in the warm and humid conditions and many specimens including these beautiful white hydrangeas are blooming.

This hibiscus had stunning red flowers.

The statue of Leda and the Swan, characters from Greek mythology, is an example of decorative lead statuary from England. It sits in a little pond containing goldfish and is surrounded by flowers and plants.

I don't know what this red flower is, but the colour was striking.

And lilies filled the Palm House and some of the other greenhouses.

It may not be easy to find colour and flowers at this time of year, but a visit to the conservatory was definitely worth the effort. It was a pleasure to do something a little different on this last day of the holiday weekend too.


Rosie said...

Oh, what gorgeous flowers - the vibrant colours are wonderful but the white hydrangeas are stunning - what a lovely place to be when the weather outside is cold and windy:)

Veronica said...

I wonder if the red flower is an Abutilon? But stunning colour whatever it's called! What a great idea to visit the botanical gardens. Just imagine being warm like that ALL the time...! Hugs to you, Vxx

Sue said...

Hi Marie and thanks for visiting my blog! You have taken some gorgeous photos here, I love that red! :-)

Tracy said...

What a beautiful outing, Marie...thanks for taking us along! :o) And your Easter/birthday cake looked a treat...mmm...Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

Wild Rose said...

Rosie ~ I agree with you, the white hydrangeas are my favourites.

Veronica ~ I have no idea. I need to get my gardening books out!

Sue ~ thanks for visiting.

Tracy ~ yes, the day was lovely and the cake a little too good!

Marie x

Primrose Corner said...

Such beautiful flowers and what a lovely place to be able to escape to on cold, unwelcoming days.

louise said...

I am sure visiting this wonderful place made up for the miserable weather over the Easter weekend. Beautiful photos Marie. x