Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have been tackling the spring cleaning little by little. I haven't had much time to really get on with it, so I have to fit it in when I can. Today was the turn of the doormat, which takes a battering during the winter from all that salt and snow. I threw it in the washing machine and it came up as good as new. It is lovely to see those colours again.

Two weeks ago, I put my boots away, but yesterday they found their way back out again and onto my feet ~ not snow this time, but torrential rain which persisted into the night. So much for April showers!

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Veronica said...

What a pretty doormat! Glad to read it has washed so well and is looking like new once more. And I thought it was supposed to be April 'showers'!! Hugs to you dear Marie, Vxx