Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Home Comforts

I read in the newspaper recently that in these tough economic times, shoppers return to the familiar brands of their childhood memories. There are certain foods associated with comfort and home. For me, Bird's Custard will always stir memories of trifles and Christmas pudding and custard.

Heinz Beans have seen a revival of interest, as have Bird's Eye Fish Fingers. We can't buy the best-selling variety of fish fingers here, but we can get Heinz Beans (at a price!) They have to be British imports because the ones sold here are just awful!

And although we were not Bisto Kids when growing up, I always liked that thick gravy that I tasted when I visited friends. At times of stress or homesickness, you can't beat a few home comforts.


Rosie said...

Oh, the 'home comforts' of childhood food - lovely memories - we still have Bird's custard - delicious on a rhubarb crumble with rhubard fresh from the garden:)

Tracy said...

Nothing like a taste of home when homesick, or just in need of some extra, familiar comfort...food does that so well! :o) I LOVE baked beans...could eat the whole tin--LOL! Delicious post, Marie! Hope you are having a good week there...And that my little suggestions for saving your needle work may help. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Veronica said...

Bird's Custard powder is definitely familiar comfort food for me and we even used to get it when I was a child in Malaysia! But for some reason the other two didn't make it over the sea to such wild and exotic climes!! In fact, I do believe some custard will be in order for tonight's meal... ;-D love and hugs to you, Vxx

Sal said...

I love Birds Custard on any type of crumble!
And Heinz baked beans are gorgeous!

Heidi said...

I could eat at your house Marie! LOL! I love beans on toast and custard for pudding. Now my mouth is watering. I buy lots of Bird's when we visit England to bring home and enjoy. I also love things like plain old English breakfast tea. And chocolate bourbons and sticky toffee pudding. If I keep this up I will be booking the ferry across the sea to do some grocery shopping. :-)

Hugs ~

louise said...

You've borrowed everything from my store cupboard! I use Birds Custard Powder and Bisto Granules, and my OH will only eat Heinz Baked Beans! x