Sunday, 29 March 2009


After a most unpromising start this morning when we had torrential rain which continued into the afternoon; it turned into a pleasant evening. I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and mild temperatures and go for a walk.

There are signs that spring is finally starting with the appearance of these little beauties. I first spotted the appearance of a couple of yellow crocus buds a few days ago and the next day, the purple ones started to appear.

A little bit of sunshine and they are now all in flower. I would like to believe that this is a sign that winter is over, but I heard that there is snow in the forecast!


Veronica said...

Hi Marie - what beautiful spring flowers! And how good to see the sunshine in the photos too... well, I hope the weather forecasters are wrong and you don't get the snow. We all need some sun on our backs right now. It's been bitterly cold this weekend but this morning the sun is shining, melting the overnight frost. Warm wishes to you, my friend. Vxx

Tracy said...

What glorious sight, these crocuses, Marie! So glad you had some exercise and a taste of spring during the weekend, my friend. :o) And thanks so much for your email. I was off-line most all of the weekend and just now starting to catch up--LOL! I will write you later today. Happy week ahead! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

What a difference a few miles makes! My crocuses are still just green shoots although I noticed that they grew a little more after Saturday's rain! These are lovely, Marie! xo

Heidi said...

How sweet crocuses look! And obviously the rains did not damper their outlook on the arrival of spring.

Hugs ~

louise said...

Crocus are lovely. I planted more in pots last autumn and have been reaping the benefit this spring. Although now over, they have been as pretty as a picture, just like the ones in your photos. x