Saturday, 7 March 2009


On days like today, it is easy to dream of sailing away to warmer climes. To escape the drudgery of winter like so many of our cruising friends do when they head south each October and spend their winter days in the sunny Caribbean.

Until we can afford to make the dream a reality, we have to content ourselves with memories of previous trips taken here in Canada.

A day's sailing followed by a safe harbour and the perfect sunset.

* Please excuse the quality of the photographs: they were taken prior to the age of digital cameras ~ in case you're wondering, the first photograph isn't me ~ it's my little sister Imogen.


Sal said...

I long for warmer weather too!
We've had a pretty cold winter by our standards,here in my part of the UK....but nothing like the winters that you get,in Canada .
Hope your weekend is going well;-)

Veronica said...

Oh Marie you lucky thing! Your yacht looks fantastic and even if she is in pieces right now, imagine the wonderful times to come!! A nice harbour or anchorage, the sun going down, it's still warm; you and your husband are on deck in the cockpit enjoying each other's company with perhaps a nice, chilled glass of something that sparkles and fizzes.... bliss! Sending you both our love and warm wishes, V and R xx

Tracy said...

Imogen could be your twin, Marie! I thought it was you! Lovely photos...and lovely dreaming of wintering away in the Caribbean...ah...Happy Dreaming ;o) ((HUGS))

Wild Rose said...

Tracy ~ twins ~ ha ha! There's only 10 years between us. The second photo is me though...

Marie x