Friday, 6 February 2009

Thrifty Times

In these thrifty times, many of us are having to cut back on our spending and I have come across two wonderful books to help me achieve this. The first was a Christmas present from my wish list and is filled with useful hints and tips. India Knight writes in a very friendly way and she shares some great resources. I finished reading this last week and I am determined that it is not going to sit on the bookshelf gathering dust ~ I am going to work at the areas where I feel there is room for improvement.

The second book has a terrific title. Imagine going into a bookshop and asking for this one! Gill Holcombe shares lots of her family recipes and her fish pie has rapidly become a favourite in our house. She shows that it is not necessary to spend a fortune on food and that you can still eat healthy food on a budget. In view of our escalating food bills, I am referring to this one on a regular basis.


sweetmyrtle said...

Hi Marie,
got the second book .. thought it would help with the old meal planning... looks good, though so busy just now that i've not had enough time to put any of it into practice. The thrift book certainly is appropriate in this economic climate.. let me know if you think it is good.
happy weekend to you. Hope you are not working too hard.
with love
Ginny xx

Tracy said...

Great recommendations, Marie! I love thrifty books, magazines, articles, etc. And I like reading what they did in times past to save money, make do and stretch thing further. These days we could all do with a lesson or two in frugality...thanks for sharing.Hope you're keeping warm and having a fun weekend. It's snowing here--again! I have soup on the simmer...Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))