Thursday, 26 February 2009


I don't seem to have much good news to share these days. The latest blow came on Monday afternoon when I received a phone call informing me that my assignment at the agency where I have been working had been terminated and that they have no more work to offer me. Is this another way of saying 'you're fired' without actually saying it?

As you can imagine, I have been struggling to come to terms with this and with the fact that I have just lost my source of income.

It all came about because I spoke to the agency about my backache two weeks ago and asked for a change of assignment. I had to call in sick for one shift on Thursday night because of my back pain, having struggled through two shifts in pain. When I visited my osteopath on Saturday, I discovered that I had three vertebrae out of alignment and my whole back was in spasm.

What can I say? I'm stunned...


Naturegirl said...

Marie: I just came in from your closed out blog and left a message..I am so sorry to hear this disturbing news.May your back pain heal and I have no doubt that you will find another rewarding position.hugs NG

thriftymrs said...

Gosh I am so sorry to hear that and also sorry to hear about you health problems.


carolyn said...

Oh Marie I'm so sorry at least you'll have a chance to get your back in order whilst looking for another post.

Tracy said...

Oh, Marie...I am so very sorry this has happened! Such distressing news, and at a very bad time. I am sorry that your back is in a bad way. Though you were unfairly dismissed it sounds, hopefully you may have this time to get your back feeling better again until the next work comes along--which I hope will be soon for you. I hope your next post will be more interesting and fulfilling. Thinking of you...((BIG HUGS))

louise said...

So sorry to hear the news Marie, and understand you really didn't need this right now. There really is little you can do until you get your back pain under control. Sending best wishes for brighter days ahead. x

Priscilla said...

I am so sorry to hear you news. I hope you back starts to heal soon and that you have much luck finding new work,

Priscilla x

VintagePretty said...

Hi Marie,

Sorry it's been such a while, and when I do some I'm sorry it's at a bad time for you. It seems that the company in question might be doing this specifically about your back pain - if so, can't you claim for unfair dismissal? I know that's what'd happen over here. Fingers crossed for you, but I know there will be something out there with your name on it!

Wild Rose said...

Thank you to all who have left comments on this post.

Unfortunately, as I have been working for an agency, I don't have a contract and technically, they are under no obligation to provide me with work.

I'm busy looking for something else, but times are tough as you are aware.

Marie x

Heidi said...

I am so very sorry to hear this has happened so abruptly. I hope you can get some help to get your back into order. I know back pain is very hard as I have degenerative disc disease. Take good care of yourself! I am sorry that the agency just ended things like that. Can a person no longer get ill without this drastic of measures being taken? I hope you can find something new very soon but take time to heal first if you can.

Hugs ~