Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ice Lake

We went for a drive out into the countryside yesterday and headed for Lake Simcoe, which is one of the world's largest freshwater lakes to completely freeze in winter. Ice fishing is a favourite pastime for many Ontarians and although I was aware of this activity, I had no idea how many people are involved and had never actually seen the sights that greeted us.

The photographs show blobs in the distance which are huts to shelter the fishermen and many people access the lake using snowmobiles or All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). Some even venture onto the lake in their cars.

There is a certain stark beauty about the images of trees silhouetted against the winter skyline.

As you can see from the photograph below, some people go far out onto the frozen lake in search of fish. Apparently, the huts can be rented for the season and the owners track the fish and move the huts around accordingly. A hole is dug through the ice and then the fish are baited through the hole.

As you can imagine, there are times when people are ill-advised to venture onto frozen water and tragically, there were reports on the news yesterday of more than 100 fishermen being rescued in Ohio (United States) when an ice floe on Lake Eerie broke up. It appears that they were aware of cracks in the ice but ignored the warning signs* and headed out onto the frozen lake. One person died from a heart attack after falling into the freezing water, but thankfully, the others were all rescued.

With all this sloppy winter weather you could be forgiven for not recognizing the fact that our Mini Cooper S is actually white! This was how it looked by the time we arrived home after a day of driving on winter roads.

*The temperature climbed from -17 C to 8 C in two days, which contributed to the instability of the ice on these frozen lakes.

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Veronica said...

Goodness, as much as I love fishing, I simply cannot imagine ice-fishing... brrr!! But it all looks so wonderful - you live in a beautiful country and I love your Cooper S - isn't it great that they are being made once more. Hugs to you V xx