Thursday, 19 February 2009


I read my horoscope in the paper yesterday and the first line summed up how I am feeling ~

'Emotionally, you feel like a limp rag and can barely bring yourself to tell others that a project or connection is over.'

I'm working 6 nights out of 8 and I have the most dreadful and debilitating back pain. Now where did I put that Advil?


louise said...

I so know how you feel. Since starting my new job, I have little time for anything else. I do hope your back pain eases soon Marie. x

Tracy said...

LOL! oh, but I shouldn't laugh...It's just crazy sometimes how our horoscope really does mirror our current state! :o) I know what a tough time with work and all your are having. Hope you can take the weekend to rest and be feeling better...your back too! Thinking of you...((HUGS))

carolyn said...

I'm so sorry Marie, things will get better.

Heidi said...

Oh no! I just answered my question when I looked at this entry. I am sorry that your back is feeling so poorly and hope you get better soon. Will you always work nights or also some days?

Hugs ~