Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Little Piece Of Home

Last week I mentioned how much I enjoy walking through the neighbourhood to the library. Today, I thought that I would take you on this walk. At the end of the street, I turn left and walk along this street.

The neighbourhood dates from the early 1900s and the houses were built to create 'a little bit of England far from England.' This is why I enjoy this walk so much, as it reminds me of home.

Many of the houses are half-timbered and some of them look like small manor houses.

The leaves are almost all gone now and there are piles of them at the side of the roads awaiting collection.

There is something about the stark beauty of trees in winter.

On this day, the sun had disappeared behind the clouds, so I had almost given up hope of getting any bright photographs when it suddenly appeared again.

The past 24 hours have been very cold with quite severe wind chills. Far too cold for this time of the year. It may not officially be winter for another month, but there is snow on the way.