Monday, 17 November 2008

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Yesterday we visited the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This annual event takes place during the first two weeks of November and is always held after all other Canadian agricultural fairs have ended.

The Royal as it is affectionately known, started in November 1922 and this fall fair brings the country to the city. Each year participants come from across Canada and the world to compete in this combined agricultural and equestrian event.

The produce section is always one of my favourites: I love to see the award-winning vegetables and marvel at what nature has created. The colours of the squashes are so vibrant and the Indian corn is displayed so well.

I always marvel at the quality of the vegetables. They look so much better than much of what is on offer in the produce aisle of the local supermarket.

I can never see too much orange, yellow and gold at this time of year, as the season turns towards winter and colour is rapidly disappearing outdoors.

Of course everyone stops to stare at the giant pumpkins: this one at 1124 lbs won 2nd place. The first place winner was much harder to photograph and not nearly so attractive!

It seemed fitting that as thoughts turn to winter, it should be starting to snow as we left the fair. Only a few wet flakes mixed in with rain, but there is a definite chill in the air and we are expecting some light snow tonight.

There will be more photographs from The Royal in future posts.