Friday, 25 July 2008

Rainy Days And Sunshine

It really is turning out to be the wettest of summers. I heard on the radio yesterday that we have broken records for the most rain in June and July in almost thirty years. These days, most gardens are flourishing instead of wilting in the summer heat and everything looks verdant and healthy.

Yesterday, we were visiting friends who keep their tugboat on the Island. We managed to arrive just before the latest torrential downpour and took shelter until the worst of the rain passed over. We walked over to the little farm afterwards and the path was covered in mud and large puddles. After feeding apples to the horses and the most enormous pig that I have seen; we headed back to the marina.

This is the view looking from the dock where our friends keep their boat across towards the city. As you can see, the sky was black and threatening again during the course of the evening, but we managed to enjoy our barbecue outdoors without getting wet.