Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Everything's Coming Up Rosy

In February, I posted about Carnate Buffing Cream and asked if anyone remembered it. Amongst the comments I received, was an e-mail from a lady who had read the post and told me that she had been using this product since she was a child, when her mother bought it to encourage her to grow her nails.

To cut the story short, we agreed a swap of a pot of buffing cream for a tin of my Rose Balm. It is some weeks since I received my cream and I have been remiss in posting about it, but as many of my readers know, I have been unwell with two viruses in the past five weeks and I forgot all about my gift.

Carnate has a pretty pink, rosy colour and contains carnation oil, hence the name. The aroma of this product brought back memories of using it years ago. Isn't it wonderful how smell triggers memory?

Many thanks to Ben Wright who sent me this gift. Ben doesn't have a blog, so I can't direct you there, but she is a talented photographer who has a website, so do drop by and take a look.