Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thrifting With A Christmas Theme

Yes, I know that it is the end of February, although with our Extreme Cold Weather Alert, it does not feel like spring is only three weeks away.

I had to go to Staples for office supplies this afternoon and it was the perfect excuse to visit my favourite thrift store. I saw the little poinsettia jug before Christmas, but put it back on the shelf ~ obviously, I was intended to buy it because it was sitting there and this time I decided to buy it. There was no price on it, so when I asked, I was pleasantly surprised that it was 99 cents. I am certain that it was priced higher than this before.

My other purchase was a Christmas bowl. The photo gives no indication of the size, but it is quite a large mixing bowl. I probably won't use it for cooking ~ I'll find some goodies to put in it later in the year. This cost $4.99, so it didn't break the bank.

I was glad to get home again, as the wind was biting and today's high temperature was -10 C with a wind chill of -17 C. This morning it was -27 C, so I was quite literally bundled up to the eyeballs. In these temperatures exposed skin will freeze in minutes.

Snow is expected tomorrow, but at least it will bring relief from those temperatures. We know that it has been cold when freezing point feels like a mild day!