Saturday, 20 December 2008

Snow Had Fallen, Snow On Snow...

Yesterday, we had our second winter storm in three days ~ did someone say that it is not officially winter until Sunday?

The weather was appalling ~ I came home from the train on foot with horizontal snow blowing in my face: in these conditions, it was like being stung all over. What with my hat and hood; my scarf and the collar of my jacket zippered up to my chin; I could barely see where I was going. This is the reality of a white Christmas!

Today dawned bright and cold. The current temperature is -16C and the wind chill is -24C. Even bundled up to the eyeballs, I didn't want to spend long outdoors.

The sight of the sunlight on the crisp blanket of snow is breathtaking.

We are on another winter storm watch ~ our third storm is expected tonight ~ and yet another storm is forecast for Tuesday!

I love this photograph of the snow on the evergreens and the lantern. Now that I am back indoors, I can really appreciate it!


jamjar said...

Wow! what wonderful photographs, Is that your house in the last picture - it looks very pretty, this is definatly the weather for staying snug inside with hot chocolate, merry Christmas.
Joy : )

Heidi said...

The untouched snow blanket is just wonderful! There is nothing prettier. You certainly had a beautiful walk. We have our first snowdrop in full bloom up at Cranberry Cottage along with a few of our miniature daffys sprouting up. It seems like spring will arrive but I am sure we will still get some winter.

Keep warm and enjoy your winter wonderland!

Christmas hugs ~

Wild Rose said...

Joy ~ I don't live anywhere near as grand as this! I'm just fortunate to live on the edge of a beautiful neighbourhood.

Heidi ~ lucky you! It will be at least 4-5 months before we see any bulbs flowering.

Marie x