Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Rose Heart Swag

This was the view from my window as I sat at my sewing machine yesterday afternoon. It was actually snowing, which is why the photograph looks a little blurred. I decided to remain in hibernation and start a project that has been on my list for longer than I can remember.

The problem with starting this project was partly my inability to find calico anywhere. I came across an old dress in a thrift store and thought that it would be suitable for recycling into velvet hearts. It wasn't actually a quality velvet, but some synthetic immitation which proved difficult to work with both cutting out and stitching; but I persevered.

In place of calico, I used an old pillow slip and added body to it with interfacing. This was much easier to sew and I was relieved to have completed the worst part of the project first. I am not a particularly fast worker when it comes to sewing, so I was pleased to complete this rose-scented heart swag in an afternoon. There is a pleasant scent around my home at the moment.

I'm really happy with the result, but must apologize for the awful photographs. With this dull and snowy weather, there is no hope of photographing in natural light.


carolyn said...

It's fabulous!

Tracy said...

LOVE the swag, Marie! It is very fun, pretty and festive! And what a great way to recycle--love that too! Thanks for sharing...Happy Day ((HUGS))

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Marie!

What a lovely swag! Hearts and snow, the two goes together nicely!



Heidi said...

This is so adorable! And it is great for now at the holidays but also will look so sweet for Valentine's day too.

Hugs ~

Gillian L. said...

Your hearts look wonderful Heidi!