Wednesday, 17 December 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

After an overnight snowfall, the landscape has been transformed to a blanket of white. About 10cm of snow has arrived so far, but there are further storms on the way.

I took the opportunity this morning to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and take a few photographs of the neighbourhood.

Boots have a hard life here so I have several pairs. I opted for the long ones this morning because many of the roads and paths have yet to be cleared.

Looking at the photographs, it really doesn't look like that much snow has fallen, but there will be new pictures added, time permitting, after the next storm.

This is one of my favourite houses on my regular walking route. It looks so pretty and festive at this time of the year.

And this garden is just along the street. I love the sight of mature trees in the older neighbourhoods because they give such structure to the gardens.

It is always a pleasure to get out and take photographs on days like today, but I can't say that I am feeling that enthusiastic about going out again when I have to go back to work!


ginny said...

baeutiful! hope you are wrapped up warm though. xx

carolyn said...

Looks like a white Christmas for you then.

Lynda ~ Among the Hedgerows said...

You live in one of the prettiest neighbourhoods, Marie! I'm glad you enjoyed some of yesterday's snowfall ... it sounds like we're in for a LOT more!!

I just wanted to wish you and Paul a very Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for your lovely card ... I received it a few days ago. We'll make a point of getting together in the new year.


Primrose Corner said...

How perfect a scene is that for christmas. That is extremely beautiful. Best wishes to you Marie and do stay warm.