Saturday, 1 November 2008

Season Of Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness

Whilst I have been trying to catch up on some sleep, Autumn has been working her magic and the streets are ablaze with colour.

Autumn comes later here in the city, where we tend not to have early frosts. Whereas the leaves were finished weeks ago further north, there is still plenty to see around our neighbourhood.

Yesterday was the most glorious afternoon and incredibly warm with temperatures reaching 19C: a dramatic change from earlier in the week when it was freezing and we had snow! (Not enough to take a photograph ~ rather the sort of snow that melts on contact).

An opportunity to get outside and breathe some fresh air and enjoy the colours after days of lying around in bed during the daytime (well, I was working night shift).

I hauled myself out of bed around noon after about three hours' sleep. Yes, that is a good sleep for me when I'm on nights. Actually, I thought that the clock said 2 pm and as I was not working last night, I had planned on getting up early. Imagine my surprise when the living room clock chimed 12...just shows how tired I was, as I couldn't even see straight!

I haven't had access to the camera all week, so I was glad to be able to take it with me on such a beautiful day and capture these images.

Even the fallen leaves look stunning when the sun is shining.

The golds and reds of the maples are breath-taking.

The streets were quiet in the mid-afternoon and I could appreciate the beauty of nature. I love this season with walks crunching through the leaves and the smell of woodsmoke filling the air.

I thought that I had missed Autumn's glory this year, but she had a surprise for me. The days have been so dismal recently that it appeared that there would be no spectacular display.

How glad I am that I was able to appreciate this beautiful afternoon and marvel at Autumn's splendour.

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Heidi said...

Beautiful!!! I really miss the spectacular colors back home. It is just not as colorful here in Holland. Pretty but we miss things like the bright oranges and deep crimson reds. Thanks for taking me along on your walk!

Hugs ~