Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Royal Family

The Royal is primarily an agricultural show and there are plenty of animals to see. Many of them are in pens, making it difficult to get close to them or to take photographs, as so many visitors are trying see them. One section that actively encourages getting up close and personal is the Petting Zoo.

Of course, this area is primarily for the children, but who can resist stroking an llama? Naturally, these animals are used to being touched but they also respond to food. Feed nuts are provided (at a price), so the person with the food gets the most attention!

Talk about eating out of the palm of your hand!

And a walk around the vast (and extremely cold) cattle pens offered a chance to photograph this beauty. I love cows' faces ~ this one had such expressive eyes and long eyelashes.

A visit to The Royal allows everyone to become an honorary member of the 'Royal Family'.

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Mia said...

What a lovely place to visit to be able to get "close and personal" with the animals. And the cow did look especially lovely!