Monday, 3 November 2008


Those of you with eagle eyes may have noticed a new button in my sidebar. This is for NaBloPoMo, which is an acronym for National Blog Posting Month. Yes, I have decided to set myself the challenge of posting every day during November.

Now the reason for participating in this challenge is because lately, I have been feeling that my blogging is becoming a chore which I feel obliged to add to an already long list. The enjoyment of blogging has been missing and I have even considered giving up altogether. I feel that I need some motivation to keep blogging and maybe this challenge will give my blog a new lease of life.

It is going to be tough to post every day, especially with my shift work, so I will have to think about what I am going to post in advance, instead of sitting in front of the computer and hoping for some inspiration; as has been the case lately.

This does not mean that I am going to spend all day every day blogging, but rather that I will make time to write a post each day. I will still try to visit you all, but please be patient, as my computer time is limited.

Watch this space to see how I get on and whether I achieve the challenge.


Heidi said...

Well, you already know I would be sad to see you stop posting so I will cross my fingers and toes that this does put some new energy into your blogging. Some days, a great blog entry is just a photo with the right verse.

Hugs ~

Tracy said...

HI, Marie...This is such fun, and can't wait to see your posts! I was so tempted to join on this, and there are some other month-long blog happenings going on too...but can't do it all--LOL! I feel lucky to post at all these days...But these kind of happenings do inspire and I love that! Good luck and have fun! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Primrose Corner said...

Wow! That's some challenge. Good luck with it! Jx

Katie said...

Hey there, fellow Torontonian! Good luck with NaBloPoMo! :)

LOUISE said...

I have changed my bookmark to this blog Marie, I didn't think you had been posting, as for some reason it was always returning to an old post you did way back in July and wasn't showing any up-to-date posts from you, and I thought you had given up then. I have missed so much of your news from the past months, it will take me a little time to catch up. Try not to give up on your blog, although I do understand that sometimes it is difficult to find the inspiration. I think the trick is to just blog about what you find interesting, not necessarily what seems to be the trend. Good luck with the blog a day! x