Thursday, 13 November 2008

Library Love

As I have been a huge fan of my local library for as long as we have lived in this area, I read Jessica's post with interest. I must admit that it had never occurred to me to blog about the library before, but I now realize that not everyone would think of being a member of the library or know what it has to offer.

I first discovered the library on my exploration of the local neighbourhood. I joined the library because I have always loved books, but also because it is free and cheaper than buying them. That is not to say that I don't buy books: my groaning bookshelves tell their own story!

What I discovered was that I could use the Internet for free too ~ useful in the days before we had a home computer. I could do online research; catch up with e-mails to family and friends and work on updating my resume/C.V. whenever I fancied a visit.

Not only could I access a huge source of books, both fiction and non-fiction and on every subject that might interest me: I could also borrow DVDs, videos and CDs for free. There is even a selection of magazines and periodicals to take home on loan for up to 7 days.

Now that we have a home computer, I can sit in comfort and log into the library site and surf away to my heart's content; reserving books for pick-up when they become available. Recent requests include Creating Vintage Style which I read about on Jessica's blog and Cupcake Heaven which I believe I came across in a magazine feature: both are eagerly awaited. If I go online as soon as I read the reviews, I often manage to place a reservation even before the books are in circulation and I am the first person to borrow them: all the excitement of reading a new book without the expense! I get a phone call from the Toronto library telling me that the book(s) are available and I have 7 days in which to collect them.

I read book reviews in magazines and on other blogs and if they sound of interest to me, I visit the library site and request them.

Best of all I get fresh air and exercise because unless I have particularly heavy books to carry; I walk to the library through the beautiful streets of the neighbourhood and dream of owning one of those spectacular homes.


Tracy said...

These sound like really good reading, Marie! Thanks for the fun recommendations here. I love the library, and hubby and I use pretty much all the resources our local library has to offer. Even from when I was a little girl, going to the library felt so special, being among all the books, all the knowledged stored there, and getting to take some of it home to borrow for a while. I still feel that same way every time I go to the library still. :o) Happy weekend ahead, my friend ((HUGS))

Heidi said...

I love libraries so much that as a child I would play library. I wanted to be a librarian because I love everything about a library right down to the smell of all those books. Later, I wanted to own a bookshop like Meg Ryan's in You've Got Mail. Oh that would be total bliss either way! But instead, I buy books, books, books. Our library is so limited in English books that I am not able to find much there and they are very modern and not at all what I remember as a child.

I find that bloggers give great tips of good books. It is one more advantage (or in my overflowing bookshelves case - disadvantage) to our online contacts.

Hugs ~