Thursday, 25 September 2008


After a difficult week of trying to resolve certain issues surrounding my inability to get online; I finally got my internet connection back, only to discover that I could not access my e-mail! Today, I thought that I would update my blog and I now find that I can't load photographs onto Blogger......aaaaaaggggghhhh!!!!

I may not be the most technically minded person, but I am reaching the end of my patience with all these problems.

One thing that I did notice however, is the gift of time. It really is astonishing to see just how much time there is in a day when I don't log onto the computer first thing in the morning to check my e-mail, then remain logged on until early evening in case of business correspondence or orders.

It is certainly making me rethink the time I spend sitting in front of this machine. I always thought that life was simpler when I didn't use all this technology. I must be getting old...

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Heidi said...

Hi Marie! I was getting worried about you and am glad to see it was just a computer problem. I know many are complaining about blogger not uploading photos right now. I am not sure that is your computer. I hope you do continue with blogging as I would miss you.
It is the dilema we all face with online time. I too feel I spend too much time at this computer but then again, I would now not want to miss my online friendships. It seems a real Catch 22 situation doesn't it?

Hugs ~