Monday, 29 September 2008

The Secret Garden

Come with me for a walk in a secret garden. I first discovered this ecology garden several years ago and had not had an opportunity to pay a return visit until recently. It is tucked away in a corner and is not obvious until you step inside.

Once there, you discover a haven for wildlife and bees with sweet peas and flowering herbs. The garden has matured a lot since my last visit.

A little bird bath or pool hidden in the undergrowth and a plaque describing the intention of this wilderness.

Echinacea a little past their best and pretty hollyhocks ~ what a beautiful pink!

So where is this secret garden? Take a walk along the boardwalk and you will discover the harbour and then the beach ~ deserted now that Labour Day has passed and families have gone home.

Actually, it is Cobourg. Last time we were there, the town was packed for the Waterfront Festival. At the end of summer, it seems that people are no longer interested in spending days at the beach, even though the weather was gorgeous.


Naturegirl said...

Marie I knew that I would enjoy this walk with you from the first photo with the Hydrangeas in the distance!
A deserted beach all to yourself!
Travelling abroad is exciting but being back home is comforting.Thanks for stopping by my blog..hugs NG

Primrose Corner said...

That secret garden looks like a real haven. I love the beach at the end of summer when you're often the only folk there. It's a good feeling.

Tracy said...

What a beautiful place! those...And the birdbath tucked among the undergrowth would translate well in home gardens too. Thanks for taking us along! Happy Days ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by if you get a chance--I'm having a fun giveaway this week :o)

Heidi said...

What a pretty and a peaceful place. Is it far from you? It still looks like summer is lingering there.

Hugs ~

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh how lovely.
I love walking along the beach in the autumn time when it isn't so busy and a brisk wind is blowing.
We have just come back from a week in Devon which was lovely as the weather was stunning, which was great considering the awful summer we have had over here this year.
We rambled and sat amongst rocks on the beach and it was just wonderful watching the waves crash.
Love Alison x

Wild Rose said...

Heidi ~ Cobourg is about a 90 minute drive from Toronto, so not too far away.

Ragged Roses said...

Thank you Marie I really enjoyed that walk. I do so love stumbling across secret gardens. Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

a beautiful garden Marie... and you have included pictures of 3 of my favourite blooms..sweetpeas, echinacea and hollyhocks. .. i can almost smell them.
hope you are keeping well... sending you lots of love
ginny x

Mia said...

What a lovely secret garden, and still in bloom and looking so pretty. I am afraid my garden here in Norway is well past its prime, in fact it is looking quite sad and "had it". How I long for next spring (already) and for a new gardening season.

Thank you for the lovely award you have shared with me. I have written a little comment in that particular entry to thank you.