Thursday, 25 September 2008

Blogging Friends Forever

This post is long overdue, but I was on a blogging break when I was presented with this award, then away on vacation and since then, I have been unable to get online.

Tracy at Pink Purl shared the Blogging Friends Forever Award* when she posted here. I am most grateful for Tracy's friendship and believe that we will be friends forever ~ with or without our blogs ~ we may be online friends at the moment, but I believe that the day will dawn when we get to meet in person. Thanks Tracy!

Now I believe that I have to share this award with four dedicated followers of this blog and one nominee who is new to my blog and who also lives in a different part of the world.

My dedicated followers are: Heidi at Celebrate The Seasons; Isobel at The Cosy Corner; Mia at Mias Landliv; Priscilla at Priscilla's Cottage and my new nominee is Julia at Primrose Corner.

Thank you ladies for being true blogging friends and visiting regularly. I appreciate your comments and it is always nice to know that someone is actually enjoying reading my blog.


Isobel said...

Hi dear Marie,

Thank you very much for the award. It was really sweet of you. I do believe in online friendships that can last for years and since being away from my homeland, the internet has been a great place to be in touch with so amazing people and meeting new ones. And you have been such a great one with your sweet words.
Hope you have enjoyed your blog break!

Tracy said...

So glad you be able to share this special award with you, Marie! And I dream of a day we can meet for we will always be friends, I feel! :o) So glad you are back online again! Although now with problems with Blogger--LOL! Never a dull moment in life, is there?! ;o) Happy weekend ((BIG HUGS))

Primrose Corner said...

I feel completely overwhelmed. I've never received a blogging award before. It's lovely to make new friends and humbling when you think of the distances between us. You near Toronto and me in Northamptonshire (England). I love this blogging world and the way it connects you to so many lovely folk. Thank you so very much. Julia x

Heidi said...

Hi dear blogging friend! Thank you for sharing this award with me. And congratulations on having received it. Because of you, I visited Tracy's blog. She is just such a nice person.

I think online friendship are very real. I love stopping in to say hello and also when you do the same to me. I remember our friendship here started as I stopped in from Lynda's blog. Funny how we have been able to start friendship chains through blogging.

Hugs ~

Mia said...

Dear Marie! Thank you so much for this lovely award. How sweet of you to think of me. I treasure our "blog-friendship" and I am always glad to see that you have stopped by my blog. And visiting yours is a joy.