Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A Paris Moment

Canadian author Gordon Cope moves to Paris when his wife is offered a one-year posting. They rent an apartment in Le Marais, which is a neighbourhood on the Right Bank of the Seine. Gordon documents their adventures in his book, A Paris Moment.

Gordon writes about the people they meet and the places they visit, as well as his experience of trying to communicate in French. At times, I was laughing out loud at his exploits ~ how I long to visit Paris and experience this city for myself.

If you are a lover of France or just interested in learning more about Paris, I highly recommend this book.


Tracy said...

Ah, this is a book for me too...I've always longed to see Paris! I live closer to the great city, but have yet to get there! Maybe a little anniversary trip...I will have to give DH some subliminal messages now--LOL! Happy Reading ((BIG HUGS))

Heidi said...

I am going to look this book up while I must admit that I am not a huge lover of Paris. I have been there and been mugged. Not fun! I also find that the people of Paris are not as friendly as those in the countryside who are the most amazing of people. They are always there to help or show you something or just be sure you enjoy yourself. Perhaps this book could make me want to try Paris once again.

Hugs ~