Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Notes From Nova Scotia ~ Part Eight

We made our last visit to Cheticamp on Saturday when the weather was wet and misty on our side of the Island, but the sun came out after we arrived on the west side. We had the freshest, most delicious fish and chips for lunch before a walk around the harbour; which was full of fishing boats; and an interesting chat with a fisherman, who had been fishing for 54 years!

We made the decision to leave around lunchtime today, Sunday 16th July, in view of the deteriorating weather and the fact that we had a long way to go. We drove through mist and fog and frequent showers until we left Cape Breton.

Once on the mainland, the poor weather continued. It took us 6 hours to reach Moncton, New Brunswick. We are staying here overnight and will continue our journey to Quebec City tomorrow - estimated at a further 8 hours' driving.

As we head further east, we are going to cross a time zone and gain the hour that we lost on the way out, somewhere near Edmundston, New Brunswick. I think that it would be convenient to live at the point where the zone changes, as one could be early for appointments simply by stepping into Eastern Standard Time and out of Atlantic Time - handy if you are running late!

Unfortunately, we will also return to the heat and humidity that we left behind for a couple of weeks, as Quebec City and Toronto are still experiencing high temperatures - oh, how I long for the more temperate climate of Cape Breton.


Mia said...

Such lovely scenery. Must be a lovely place to visit. And to get fresh fish from a fisherman of 54 years of experience is a real bonus!

Tracy said...

It is so beautiful there...simply breathtaking views! Thanks for taking us along ;o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by when you can, I'm having a little gift giveaway!