Friday, 6 June 2008

Heat, Haze, Humidity

* Photo: Microsoft Clip Art

After a very mediocre spring, which has been decidedly cold at times; summer seems to have come in with a blast. It may be two weeks until the equinox, but we are experiencing scorching temperatures: 32.6 C (90 F) today with a humidex of 41 C (105 F).

I have been out twice today and I couldn't wait to get back indoors to the air conditioning. To think that we used to live in a place that didn't have air conditioning ~ I don't know how we survived!

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Tracy said...

Hope you're still keeping cool! ;o) We are melting over here too. It' been 30+C for three days now. It's been harding doing work outside, painting the house--very draining because of the heat. We don't have air conditioning...just a pair of fan, and luckily a ceiling fan in the bedroom helps at night! Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))