Saturday, 24 May 2008

Notes From Nova Scotia ~ Part Seven

Friday was a quiet day spent around Ingonish and Neil's Harbour, just south of our cottage. Ingonish is about 30 minutes' drive by car. We discovered the Seascape Restaurant early during our stay and had become frequent morning visitors for breakfast. Their dining room offers a panoramic view of the harbour and a mountain backdrop. We sit and watch the lobster fishermen in their boats: they come close to shore and the rocks in order to lay their lobster pots. The lobster season is almost over after just two months of fishing.

(Neil's Harbour)
It is so nice to sit and watch the tides, although we are still somewhat confused as to whether we are expecting the tide to be going in or out, as we have not seen a tide table! The place where we stayed in Lunenburg had a tide clock which I really liked ~ we are thinking of getting one and setting it for this coast, although we are a long way from the ocean in Ontario.

(Misty morning at Seascape)
This morning we were driving along the Cabot Trail when we came around the corner and there was a black bear in the road. It soon took off once it saw us and typically, I did not have our camera to hand! I have been asking Paul since we arrived if it is bear country and he kept saying no! I must admit that looking at the country and the amount of vegetation; I did not believe him!


Tracy said...

Lovely photos, Marie! The last two especially...that last one with all the mist is very dreamy & romantic! I've been enjoying your taking us to Nova Scotia! Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Pondside said...

I found my way here via Mia's blog, and have had a lovely look around. Cape Breton is where I was born, and it will always be 'home' although I live at the other side of the continent now.
I'll be back for more reading!

Mia said...

Really beautiful photos, they make me want to come and see it all with my own eyes, bears or no bears... (even though the thought of a bear or two roaming about is a bit scary, do you not think...?)

monique said...

What a lovely photo's!Wow, bears, wish those kind of animals lived here too.

Barbara said...

Good to see Nova Scotia again.
I enjoyed Cranford and then they did Lark Rise to Candleford soon after which became as engrossing.
In response to yours to me - we had a day of sun and then 3 days and nights of heavy rain then thunder storms. Garden under water again.