Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Gentle Art of Domesticity

The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket of Yarnstorm was on my wish list and on order from Amazon for a long time! When my copy finally arrived, it was definitely worth the wait. After ordering the book, I had read reviews criticizing it for not including patterns etc. for each of Jane's creations, but I think that the people who made these comments completely missed the point of the book.

This book isn't about being able to replicate every single item mentioned; rather it is about Jane's inspiration and creativity. It is a springboard for ideas and it helps the reader to understand that there is inspiration in everyday things: we just need to open our eyes and 'see' what is around us.

The writing is literate and shows that Jane is widely read and has a breadth of knowledge on many subjects. Art is clearly one of her loves and I shared her passion as I read about the art that inspires her. She introduced me to many artists whose work was previously unfamiliar to me.

The photography is stunning. I only wish that I were able to take such beautiful photographs and know that I would probably need several lifetimes to achieve anything close. The photos flowed seemlessly from those taken by Jane herself and the remainder; taken by Debi Treloar.

I loved every minute of this book: I savoured every chapter and jotted down notes about sources and projects that I hope to accomplish in the future. I know that this is a book that will not lay forgotten on the shelf. I intend to keep it on hand so that I can dip into it again and again. Thank you Jane for such wonderful inspiration!

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Tracy said...

I've not read this one yet, but it's on my list. I love Jane's blog so it will be fun to finally see this book and see more of her great ideas. I had read some of the criticism...I think people miss understand this book, thinking it will be a pattern book so they can create Janes pieces at home. It's more to inspire....And I like that! A very nice review, Marie! Thanks so much for you note--I will write you more later. Happy Day ((HUGS))