Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Blog Swap

Several weeks ago, I read Summer By The Sea, where Natalie was appealing for someone to do a swap. She had been making Easter bunnies and geese from Tone Finnanger's delightful book Crafting Springtime Gifts. Although I own a copy of this book myself, I had only received it shortly before Easter and I did not have time to try any of the patterns myself.

Today, I finally collected her parcel from the Post Office, after they had managed to lose it. I don't know where it had been, but it did look like it had had quite a journey! Fortunately, it was only the outer packaging that was damaged.

Inside, I discovered these lovely goodies ~ the Easter goose and tissue holder made by Natalie a towel from Filey, where she lives; a Yardley soap for some special pampering and this beautiful rose card, depicting The Humanity Rose, which was bred to mark the 125th birthday of the British Red Cross.

How appropriate to receive this card at this time, as I have just sold my products to The Rose Emporium ~ you can read about this here.


Tracy said...

Such sweet gits--that wheeled duck is really tugging at my heart strings! Isn't that Tone Finnanger book terrific? Her designs are inspiring. Off to read about this excitement about The Rose Empourium...Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Valerie said...

How very nice. I hope to join a swap one day. I have got to learn more about crafts though. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.