Friday, 14 March 2008

The Magic Apple Tree

'...I had experienced a growing discontent and dissatisfaction with town life. I seemed to be only skimming the surface of things, to be cramped and hurried and tense, I noticed the smell of the traffic more....I longed for more space around me, for growing things and time and all the sounds and scents of the natural world on my doorstep...'

I first discovered this enchanting book when I read an extract in the January issue of Country Living magazine. They published 'The Village In Winter' and it was beautifully illustrated by Lucy Grossmith.

When I realized that it was from Susan Hill's book, I decided to track down a copy. I found that the local library did not have it, nor did Amazon. I struck lucky when I tried The Book Depository and ordered a copy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Book Depository, you may be interested to learn that they offer free shipping worldwide. I love their service, which is prompt and efficient and there is no minimum order to claim free shipping.

The excerpt that I quoted mirrors my feelings so well that I could have written it myself. Although I have lived in towns and cities for most of life, I still yearn for the countryside: fresh air, peace and quiet. I'm definitely a country girl at heart.

Until such a time as I am able to fulfil my dream of living in the country and hopefully by the sea, I can dip into Susan's book and savour her story of a year, as seen from her cottage.

Obviously, I am not alone in enjoying this book: in the twenty-five years since it was first published, it has never been out of print.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a lovely book! I think you and I are kindred spirits is wishing for country life, Marie! Enjoy the sun this weekend! ~ hugs, Lynda xox

Heidi said...

I have this book on my shelves. I found out about it last summer from another blogger and bought it through I want to go check out the site you mentioned as I love finding great places to order books. And well, free postage is a very good thing! I can't wait to read it as it reminded me of our Cranberry Cottage when I read about it. Have you started yours? I would love to hear your thoughts on it when you do.

Hope you are having a perfect Sunday dear Marie!

Hugs ~

Wild Rose said...

Lynda ~ yes, I believe that we are. Oh, how I wish that I could move to the country!

Heidi ~ yes, I have started reading it, but as I have my show this week, I am making very slow progress! I've been busy all day making blends to sell at the show and I think that I am going to be working late tonight.

Marie x

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Marie....

I was delighted to read that you have discovered The Magic Apple Tree..... I went to great lengths to obtain this book last year and like you, I couldn’t get it from Amazon.... in the end I was thrilled when my local library searched and obtained it from another county in Wales. I love Susan Hill’s descriptive writing of her year in the country..... about family and village life, rural scenes and what she grew in her cottage garden..... a brilliant read, I turned pages slowly as I neared the end, I was sorry to finish it.

I have two other books Susan Hill has written..... ‘The Spirit of the Cotswolds’ and Mrs de Winter’...... neither of which I’ve read yet.

Hope you are well and that you have a good ‘show’ Love - Marion


Naturegirl said...

Marie there is much "fresh air, peace and quiet." here in the desert! We walk for miles and hear only the song of birds the scenery
breathtaking! You must take a vacation away to a calmer place!
Wishing much success at OFAKind!
hugs sunkissed and relaxed NG xo