Friday, 7 March 2008

The Calm Before The Storm

We had snow flurries again this afternoon, but they didn't amount to much. It is now almost 7pm and we are having light snowfall, but this really is the calm before the storm. I watched the weather forecast an hour ago and they said to expect between 30-40cm over the next 24 hours.

It looks like we could be doing a lot of shovelling again ~ the second time this week! No wonder my back is aching at the thought. Is there no end to this winter?

Apologies for the lack of photographs, but the camera batteries have died. If they recharge, I will try to get some photos to post next time. Enjoy your weekend.


Tracy said...

More snow??!! Hope you're keeping warm...and find a corner of time to rest, relax and enjoy this weekend ((HUGS))

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog and telling me about Hannah Hauxwell - i would have missed it otherwise! I cant wait to watch it, she is so incredible, and my hubby will be out that night so i can really enjoy it without him looking at me wondering what on earth im watching it for! Ive even written it in my diary!!
You have an excellent business, i only use natural and chemical free toilettries and household products so your stuff is definately something i should look into. Well done you for doing your bit to help prevent cancers and all other types of illness, aswel as helping to improove our environment and the life of all of Earths creatures.

Heidi said...

Hi Marie! Did the storm hit? My mother was hit really bad in Ohio. I think you will find the spring holds a more intense beauty for you this year when it arrives. Having a harsh winter can do that. Since March came in like a lion, that lamb is waiting to come out and frolic. :)

We are supposed to have a storm today but for us, a storm means rain and high winds. Right now, it is a pretty and sunny morning.

Hugs ~