Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Notes From Nova Scotia ~ Part One

posted on Wednesday 30th January 2008

I have a desire to write at the moment, so I thought that I would share some adventures from a trip to Nova Scotia. This first journey was undertaken on 2005 and the following is an account taken from e-mails sent at the time. I should explain that I had never travelled such a huge distance by car, so I was a little apprehensive about spending days travelling across this vast country which is Canada. I have taken a little artistic licence here in the title of my post, as it actually covers the journey to Nova Scotia, as well as the time we spent there. I hope that you enjoy my Notes From Nova Scotia.

We departed Toronto at 4.30am on Sunday, heading east towards the rising sun. It was a relief to finally be on our way after weeks of anticipation and to escape the sweltering heat and humidity of the city. When we were packing the car on Saturday afternoon, the humidex hit 44C.

The 401 eastbound was virtually deserted and we maintained a comfortable pace, as I was driving. Soon after dawn, we changed drivers and I was settling down for a nap when Paul shouted “Look, a moose” and there she was standing right next to the roadside waiting to cross. Thank goodness that she did not charge out in front of us or the consequesnces could have been disasterous.

The endless miles rolled on across the rolling countryside of Ontario. As we approached Montreal, the scenery changed to the gently rounded mountains of the Laurentians, which form the northern end of the Appalachians. We crossed the vast expanse of the St Lawrence River at Montreal to the south shore. The journey thus far had taken six hours. We continued on for another two hours towards Quebec City and then south from Riviere-du-Loop. At around 1pm, we found a picnic stop for lunch and dined well on food that I had prepared for our journey.

We were now in the heart of french-speaking Quebec and it seemed strange listening to the language, which seems to bear little resemblance to french. It is not uncommon to find people who speak no english, as we discovered when we stopped for fuel.

It was with relief that we reached Edmundston, New Brunswick, almost exactly 12 hours and 1100 kilometres after leaving Toronto. It had been a long drive and there was still a long way to go, but that was for tomorrow.


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on Thursday 31st January 2008 at 10:41 am1 Tracy
Lovely reminiscenses, Marie! I would love to see Nova Scotia one day! ((HUGS))

on Saturday 2nd February 2008 at 10:45 am2 Britt-Arnhild
I always love to read travel stories

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