Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Notes From Nova Scotia ~ Part Four

posted on Saturday 16th February 2008

We left Lunenburg the following morning and headed for Halifax. We followed the Lighthouse Trail to Peggy’s Cove and the famous lighthouse. We had our first breath of the Atlantic air as we clambered over the rocky shore and stared across the stealy-blue ocean towards the far horizon. It was wet and windy, but worth the visit.

I mailed postcards at the lighthouse post office and told the recipients to look out for the lighthouse frank when they received them.

We reached Halifax in the afternoon only to find that the bed and breakfast that I had pre-booked did not live up to our expectations. We referred to it as Bates’ Motel: it had a spooky landlord who appeared and disappeared without a sound and we never met the landlady! We stayed one night and couldn’t wait to leave the next day: we had booked for two nights; but beat a hasty retreat and booked ourselves into an hotel for the second night.

During our stay in Halifax we visited Pier 21 which is now a museum and tells the story of millions of immigrants who landed in Canada here between 1929 and 1971.

Halifax is one of the prettiest cities that I have ever visited. It sits on the second largest natural harbour in the world and has a beautiful and historic waterfront. The city was established by the British in 1749 and it is pedestrian-friendly, which was a relief after so many days on the road.

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