Friday, 29 February 2008

Does Anyone Remember Carnate Buffing Cream?

Years ago, I used to use a product called Nailoid Carnate Buffing Cream. It gave my nails an amazing shine and was a natural way to achieve polished fingernails without the polish. As someone who seems to be constantly washing my hands, nail polish does not stay on for long and I wanted my nails to look nice without having to worry about chipped polish.

I recently went in search of this product here and no-one had heard of it. I tried online and discovered that it is now called Nailoid Results Carnate Buffing Polish. It is still made in England and I thought that it would be easy to obtain. How wrong can I be?

I found it on a couple of U.S. sites ~ one does not ship to Canada and the other charges a phenomenal amount for shipping; obviously designed to avoid the hassle of shipping across the border ~ so much for the free trade agreement.

Then I decided to ask my Aunt in the U.K. to get me some and mail it ~ she could not find anyone who had even heard of it and was eventually told that the company concerned (Boots) hadn't stocked it in years. So if it is still been manufactured, where on earth are they selling it?

Am I the only person who has ever used this product?


Tracy said...

Must say, Marie, I've not used this product...actually have not ever heard of it or every seen it. Am off to read more about it! ((hugs))

Jocerane said...

Maybee there ?

Trish said...

I've just been buffing my nails with it. I'm still using the same pot I got when I was a student in the seventies and if it's not made anymore then it's probably due to being a victim of its own success! It's still amazingly effective, too.

Poppy said...

I still have a pot from about 8 years ago and that was only the second one I have bought in my life - it lasts forever! I used to get it from Boots but looked in there today and realised they must no longer stock it. What do they make it from? It's amazing, if you apply a coat and buff then after about 3 coats your nails are truly gleaming and it makes them stronger.And it's only £3.95!

Petula said...

Carnate cream is wonderful and cheap can try on website for Nailoid, I got mine from Boots about 2 years ago, try Superdrug. It;s waterproof and your nails stay in good condition. I've tried them all OPI and the rest but this is in a range of its own.

Lumina said...


I have used this product for decades & love it. It has gone through several incarnations and it is now called 'Nailoid Results Buff & Shine'. It is now very hard to find. Try

Good luck


jean said...

Yes I remember Carnate Nail Polish, I gave my last pot away to a friend, years ago, unaware that I wouldn't be able to find the product again. Also no-one seems to have heard of it. Wonderful to find people who have, and are searching. I'm sure I'm close! Good luck! Jean

Charlotte said...

I bought a small jar of it in London in 1971. I still have it. Of course, the Carnate is dried out, but it's a momento.