Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Summer Dreams

We have been to the Toronto International Boat Show today. This show takes place each January and it brings a hint of summer to the cold, dark days of winter. Who can resist dreaming of the summer days to come?

We own a boat, but it is a long time since we have been sailing because it has been undergoing major renovations. It has been a long job and there is still a lot of work to do before we can launch again. We were hoping that it would be ready for this coming spring, but that may be a little has already been out of the water for more than three years.

I know that when we are ready to launch again, it is going to be a reason for a party! I doubt whether I will be allowed to smash a bottle of champagne against the hull (might damage the paintwork), but maybe I can spray it over everyone like they do in Formula One!


Tracy said...

Summer dream is right...wonderful photo! You look so happy there on your boat. And your Formual One idea is a good one, worst comes to worst ;o) I love being out on a boat, it's been years...We live in a coastal town, but marina space is limited and waiting lists for a free spot can take years! So no boat of us, I don't think. Happy Day ((HUGS))

Naturegirl said...

Marie what a wonderful dream boat!! Oh my would I be in my glory sailing on this one!! Great photos...hope you get in some happy sailing this summer! hugs NG

Heidi said...

It must be fun to have a boat and I hope yours will be ready for this boating season. What great photos of you on this boat. Are they taken on your boat?

And now I can see why you also like lighthouses.

Hugs ~

Wild Rose said...

Yes, these photos were taken on our boat about six years ago. I couldn't find any more recent photos that gave any kind of perspective ~ most photos seem to have something obstructing the view!

Marie x